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Who are we? I worked as an educator for 30 years and like many other teachers couldn’t really afford to retire on the money the state was sending me. So I went into real estate. Wow! I didn’t know anything! I had been a teacher 10 years, with wife and two kids and a third on the way, before we bought our first house. I was certainly no financial expert. That’s why I was determined to start an organization that would help teachers master real estate, credit, and finances.

Home Buyers. To the right of my message, there is a quick signup to get an E-Book for school employees who want to know what they need to buy a home. On the Buy a Home tab, you can get requirements, timelines, definitions, and a chance to ask a Realtor your real estate question without any obligation. In some areas there are down payment assistance programs especially for teachers!

Home Sellers. If you are a home seller, a THB-affiliated Realtor will help you sell your home for top dollar and insure that your home is attractive and draws lots of showings. Your THB Realtor will have your home listed on the local MLS as well as the 20 largest real estate sites on the Internet!

Credit Repair. Are your credit scores a problem? Teacher Homebuyer provides extensive online information about how to raise your credit scores. In this program, you set your goal with the counselor, track your progress, and can get a complete refund at any point in the process if you are not fully satisfied.

Finances. Information about financial topics such as insurance, annuities, college tuition, savings, and retirement is also available to help you make the most of your income. The articles under this tab will help you understand the purpose and costs of financial instruments, and which ones help you maximize resources for yourself and your family.

Anyone! When we say Teacher Homebuyer, we mean any school employee. Period. We will help anyone in the school community who has a question or needs our help.

Where do you start? Listen to our one minute video on this page. Then fill out the box on the right side of this page. It will guide you to the information and the professionals you need.

As always, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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John Godbey, Retired Teacher, Broker

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